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  Server Addresses
Posted by: Lamar - 02-19-2018, 10:58 AM - Forum: Server Information - No Replies

These are the IP's you need to be aware of.

Main SAMP Server IP:
TeamSpeak 3 Server IP:

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  User Control Panel 1.0 [BETA Launch]
Posted by: Lamar - 02-18-2018, 08:14 AM - Forum: Official Announcements - No Replies

So I was working on this user control panel for over two months and I'm pleased to announce it's release. It has been designed to suit the needs of the server. I got a little help from a friend who was able to assist me with a lot regarding the UCP. The user control panel is, however, being launched in its BETA stage and bugs are expected. The UCP is still not complete but I decided to let it out there for people to try it out. I've developed a lot of features for it.

The registering system on the UCP is facing some issues which I'm already working on fixing them, however, for the time being, I'll recommend users to first register in-game and then use the credentials on the UCP to log in.

The current features within the UCP are:
  • User's can change their passwords and their skins.
  • User's can view their stats which includes a complete analysis of their inventory i.e; vehicles, properties etc.
  • User's can view a whole lot of information regarding your owned vehicles.
  • Administrators are given power within the UCP so they can go through their administrative duties from the UCP.
  • Administrators are able to ban, un-ban, jail and un-jail users. They can also view the server logs from the UCP itself.
  • Tierra Robada State Patrol members have an entire MDC within the UCP. They can run a check on a user,
    they can run their license plates or they can even run a check on a user's phone number.
  • Global announcements sent out by the management is also viewable on the homepage of the UCP.

As mentioned earlier, there are bugs that I know of and I'm due to have them fixed by the next release. Nonetheless, if you guys find out any bugs then make sure to direct them to me via PM's, a comment below or you can make a bug report at the resports sections.

I hope that you guys enjoy the UCP and have a great experience on the server.

Your's truly;
Lamar Harrison - Founder | Head Administrator | Web Development

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  The update 1.2.1 [BETA] is live! | O.3.DL-R1 Migration
Posted by: Lamar - 02-13-2018, 03:44 PM - Forum: Feature Documentation - No Replies

Cubie Emergency Roleplay | 1.2.1 [BETA] | 0.3.DL Update

The update 1.2.1 [BETA] is now live. You can connect to our SAMP server by using but do remember that when you connect to the SAMP server, you need to be connected to the Teamspeak 3 server as well, however, in-order for Jim(Server Query) to recognize your connection, you will need to connect to the TeamSpeak 3 server, after you've connected to the SAMP server by using

Those who were already whitelisted before are exempted from the quiz. All the users who had their applications expired or denied are now able to register for the quiz. The quiz will evaluate your information about the basics of SAMP and a better understanding of our community rules. You are highly required to go through the Server Rules before you take the quiz. Remember that getting even one question wrong will result in an automatic 24-hour-restriction. Be very careful.

On another note, we've now officially moved to 0.3.DL from 0.3.8 considering the new updates regarding both of the versions. You will need to download the SAMP 0.3.DL-R1 Client.

We invite you to our community with open hands and hope that you get the experience you desire. Your feedback is always appreciated and is of great value to us as it makes us better understand the player's needs.

With kind regards,
Cubie Emergency Roleplay Team
You can direct any questions or queries about anything to the following people:

Lamar Harrison | Cubie | MrAustralian | Woods

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  In-Game Quiz replacement | Application System Removal
Posted by: Lamar - 02-10-2018, 08:14 AM - Forum: Official Announcements - Replies (1)

Greetings members of the community,

As most of you had noticed that the applications section is no longer there on the forums. This is because of the demand of most of the players that wanted to join the server. This suggestion was brought to the management team by a great number of individuals and hence this was debated among the management team for a long time.

Eventually, a decision was made to get rid of the application system and perhaps look into making an in-game quiz which would contain about ten questions at least but would be complex and a bit difficult. Your knowledge of SAMP and the server rules would be tested on a fundamental basis and with that being said, getting even one answer wrong will result in an automatic twenty-four hour restriction from registering for the server.

Thanks to Cubie's skills, he was able to craft a quiz system and fulfill the need, the management had presented. The quiz is going to consist of about twelve questions with as I said before, judgemental questions, which all would be taken from the server rules. Of course, the questions would be complex; thus you will need to be very careful and precise with the answers you choose. There will be many questions that will trick you and so as I said, be very careful.

We will update our server rules to the standards of the quiz. We would recommend you going through the server rules before you take the quiz as you would not be able to pass even one question without it.

We greatly appreciate the support we have gotten in the past few months and we hope to see the server rise with the new initiative. The update regarding the quiz will be live either today or tomorrow depending on when Cubie get's the time to add the updated version of the script to our main SAMP server.

With kind regards,

Cubie Emergency Development Team

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  Looking for members for the Video Team.
Posted by: Lamar - 01-10-2018, 06:31 PM - Forum: Official Announcements - No Replies

On behalf of the management team of the Cubie Emergency Roleplay, I'll like to introduce our newest addition of the Video Team. We're looking for certain few and preferably mature individuals to help us make videos for the server which will be featuring on Lui's or Cubie's channel. With that being said, you can comment down on this post if you're interested in being a part of the team or you can simply just private message me or Cubie with a letter of interest.

- Cubie Emergency Directory Team.

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  Update Log #2 - CE:RP v1.2.0 [BETA]
Posted by: Cubie - 01-04-2018, 12:35 PM - Forum: Feature Documentation - No Replies

[Image: lAaL8rl.png]

Hello people of CE-RP. I Hereby announce to you our 1.2.0 update!

What has been changed? There have been multiple changes to the script itself but one of the bigger accomplishments is the integration of TeamSpeak into our server. You no longer need key-binds on TeamSpeak but you can manually change channels with the /channel command in game.

Mechanic Job:
Want to be a Mechanic/Tow truck driver? Well now you can! Head to the Tierra Robada Scrapyard (/map) and get the job.

Taxi Job:
Is driving a Taxi more your thing? Head to El Quabrados and get the job. (/map)

Trucking Job:
Trucking more your thing? You'll be able to find this job in El Quebrados. Go Inside of the restaurant at the gas station and /getjob at the pickup.

Smuggling is now fully functional. Buy a boat at the vehicle dealership and start your illegal activities. (/smugglehelp)

Bank robbery:
One of the bigger scripts on the server has been implemented a fully functional bank robbery script with two options.
Option 1: Go in guns blaz'n and see if the clerks are intimidated enough by you.
Option 2: Buy some Explosives off Jim and blow yourself a way inside.
Do note: You can only rob the bank when the're at least 3 state troopers on duty.

Revamped Property System:
Every house in the state of Tierra Robada (Currently only available in Bayside) have their own number according to their street names.
State Troopers also have the ability to check property owners in their MDC.
Download the Map mod here:

Inventory system:
You can now view your inventory, (/inv) Illegal Items (except for weapons) will be marked red in your inventory any legal items will be white. Watch out tough because State Troopers now also have the ability to frisk you and take the items you have.

If you find any bugs/glitches, things that you don't like or would like to see changed let me know.
- Cubie

Smaller changes:

- Custom noob skin has been added,
- /help has been redone,
- /cuff, /drag has been revamped,
- you can now clear your chat with /cpc,
- Weapon saving has been fixed,
- /park has been revamped,
- /work was added to the Taxi and Mechanic Job,
- /Jobhelp added,
- More admin commands have been added,
- /buyfood has been added for restaurants,
- You can no longer buy guns at Jim if he does not have any stock,
- /phonebook has been added,
- /fishinghelp added
- You're no longer able to drive a car while cuffed,
- Animation bugs when using /cuff fixed,
- and many bug fixes.

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  Update log #1 - CE:RP v1.1.0 [BETA]
Posted by: Lamar - 12-03-2017, 07:02 PM - Forum: Feature Documentation - No Replies

Update Log - CE:RP v1.1.0 [BETA]

Development Team
Lamar Harrison - Head of Development | Web and Network Operations | Minor Scripting
Lui Gomez - Head of Development | Major Scripting | Mappings
David Woods - Server Technician | Host Operations | Beta Testing

We've completely setup our factions as required by the needs of the server.

Migrated to a new IP under a new node for a better networking service.

We have added a lot of new faction commands for certain factions like the Tierra Robada State Police and the Bayside Fire Department.

Department of Motor Vehicles has been added. You can now enter any of the DMV issued vehicles and begin your driver's license test by using the command /licenceexam. If your vehicle goes below the health of 850, your DMV vehicle will get respawned and you will fail the exam.

A decent fuel system has been added into the vehicular inventory. You can refuel your vehicles at any of the fuel stations within the boundaries of Tierra Robada by using /refuel.

Several jobs have been setup. You can use the command /map to open up a map with certain location including the job points where when you select any one of them, it sets a checkpoint for the location to make it easier for you.

The existing jobs that we have are:
  • [color=teal]Pizza Job: - You can go to the pizza job location, use the command /getjob, get on any of the pizza bikes and use the command /pizzajob to begin our job.

  • Mechanic & Towing Job: You go to the job point at the scrap yard and use the command /getjob. You can then use /jobhelp to look at all of your job commands such as /fix, /tow etc. You can call for a mechanic using /call 547.

  • Taxi Job: Same protocol as all the other jobs. You get it, and whenever someone calls for the taxi using /call 686, they tell you the location and then you use your map to respond to the location.

  • Fishing Job: - You go to the fishing shop located at the beach, located by using the command /map and then purchase worms and a pole from the shop. You then go to the pier and use the command /attachworms, use /fishingrod and then use /fish.

  • [color=teal]Smuggling Job: - You get on any boat and use the command /smuggle and then follow all the instructions, the smuggler gives you to follow.
Houses have been setup throughout the city with reasonable prices depending on the house and the location. You can walk up to them and purchase them using /buyproperty.

Basic businesses/stores have been setup individually. Ranging from normal general stores to electronic stores.

All of your owned vehicles remain spawned permanently. Even if you log out, your vehicle would still be spawned at your parked place so no one can take your parking spot when you are not around.

/phonebook command has been added with a saved number of all the public/emergency numbers for your ease. You can use /call 911 for emergency services, /call 686 for the taxi driver and /call 547 for the mechanic/towing service.

After buying from the dealership, you are now required to park the vehicle elsewhere rather than the default spawn location or your vehicle gets destroyed after a certain amount of time.

The forums have been given security detail to avoid any breach.

Our backend server has been improved to support the bandwidth detail of the samp server.

UCP is under development.

On a much lighter note, you can suggest anything that might be best for the server by following this link in order to help us improve the server.

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  Administration Team
Posted by: Lamar - 11-15-2017, 04:48 PM - Forum: Server Information - No Replies

Head Administrators

[Image: WuHnnXp.png] Lui Gomez - Founder | Development | Head of Faction Operations

[Image: 9oidZvk.png] Lamar Harrison - Founder | Development | Head of Gangs/Families

Senior Administrators

[Image: wi4ZthW.png] Mark Finn Gang Moderator | Live Chat Operator | Beta Tester

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  About the Server
Posted by: Lamar - 11-15-2017, 04:07 PM - Forum: Server Information - No Replies

About Cubie Emergency Roleplay

The server Cubie Emergency Roleplay features with a lot of unique systems, one specifically the VoIP feature. The developers of the server took the initiative to turn the community into something new and had a vision of creating the very first SAMP based VoIP server. This feature was first introduced in GTA V RP servers but it never extended to SAMP and hence it gave us an opportunity to take the chance of introducing it within the SAMP community. The server has been in works for a month and has been developed simultaneously as the days went by.
The Server IP is and the TeamSpeak 3 IP is

Introduction to VoIP

VoIP or in other words known as 'Voice over IP' refers to a system where multiple individuals use their voice rather than the in-game text to communicate. Taking that into notice, the server will also enforce upon people to use the VoIP feature. Anyone who's not willing to use the VoIP system is free to leave the community.
How VoIP works In-Game.

Your start off by using the command /channel on to activate the VoIP Channels system.

[Image: nqw2Cff.png]
If you just use /channel without turning it on, you'll get an error stating this.

[Image: tUWDv4B.png]
When the channel system has been turned on. You then use the command /channel [1-5] to switch to any of the listed five channels. You'll need to set a Keybind to automatically switch to the channel on TeamSpeak as well.

[Image: pIL0zlc.png]
Once you switch to the channel, the script gives out an announcement to all those within a radius of 4 meters away from you. They will also be able to see a label above your head which would indicate the channel you are in.

[Image: 6kTDSeT.png]
When the person near you uses the same commands, you are notified about the channel he switches to and you should be able to see a label above his head indicating the channel he is in.

[Image: WqccTLF.png]
How VoIP works on the TeamSpeak 3 Server [When In-Game]

Once you connect to our teamspeak server at You'll be able to see these channel listings at the beginning.

[Image: gTfteOW.png]
Now you'll notice the channels listed as 'VoIP Channel [No]' It's because it has been setup corresponding to the ingame system. Once you switch to a channel, your character will be listed under the channel.

VoIP Lobby is the lobby where all civilians should always be waiting in when they are RP'ing, no exceptions.

[Image: aH66Y8F.png]
The VoIP channels 1-5 are the channels people switch to when they interact one another and switch to when they mutually switch to a channel in game using the command /channel [1-5]

[Image: Pp97MIM.png]
The Tierra Robada Comms channel is to be used by the Government Faction Employees only. All faction members that are involved in a scene containing Non-faction members will join the VoIP Channels when they interact with them.

[Image: ZaXbHpu.png]
If you have any concerns on how to operate under the said system then feel free to either contact Lamar Harrison or Lui Gomez with your concerns.

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  Server Rules
Posted by: Cubie - 11-15-2017, 03:53 PM - Forum: Server Information - Replies (1)

Updated: 14-2-2018
As our server is still in development you have to be aware that some rules might change/alter in the future.
Please take the responsibility to check on the rules once in a while.


  • Be respectful to everyone at all times.
  • We're here to have fun don't play on this server with a "I must win" attitude.
  • Always have a quality microphone.
  • Never break character.
  • You are a living human so value your life and react accordingly to situations.
  • Do not Power/Meta game.
  • Do not Revenge kill/Deathmatch.
  • Only report players in game when its absolutely necessary else continue the RP and report after the scene.
  • Once you die you forget everything that happened in the last hour. NO exceptions.
  • Do not logout of the game to avoid a role play scene.
  • Only use the OOC chat when necessary, its to ask questions not to chat with other players.
  • Asking OOC questions (i.e asking what command to use) is done over /o, /b etc. NOT over the microphone.
  • Money farming is not allowed.
  • When planning on making a huge RP scene (Arson, Heist, Prison escape, etc.) think before you do so.
  • Rape RP, Terrorism and other forms of absurd RP is prohibited.
  • Everything that you want to share IC'ly has to be acquired IC'ly. (i.e Screenshots)
  • No using of mods that give you an unfair advantage.
  • Use the PM system for OOC purposes only.
  • You must at all times be on Teamspeak in the VoiP lobby ready to RP.
  • Use realistic names. You may not use names of a famous person in real life.
  • Sharing your account is not allowed in any way, shape or form.
  • Your TS3 name should always match your In Game name.
  • You must be at least 15 years of age.
  • Never abuse the SAMP physics (i.e Bunny hopping, Ninja jacking etc.).

Note that being terminated from our community is easy.

Minor infractions:
  • A first time infraction will get you jailed in game for a reasonable amount of time.
  • A second infraction will cost you a temporary ban from 2-7 days
Severe infractions:
  • Any severe rule breaking will result in a temporary ban of 7 days
Ultimate infractions:
  • Any ultimate infraction will get you permanently banned where you can make a ban appeal after a minimum of 14 days.

The Use of our VoIp feature and the /channel command:

There are a couple of steps you need to take before using the /channel command correctly. When not following these steps you might get suspended or banned from our community.
  • Do not turn your VoIp marker on until you've made sure your TS3 and IC name are the same.
  • When you want to use the /channel command you must always check if the channel that you want to join is available and not occupied by anyone else.
    - We'd recommend the use of Overwolf or a second screen for this.
  • When you encounter any faction member let him/her choose a channel which you join after.
    - Faction members are recognizable by their colored names.
    - Does a faction member not pick a channel? Use /b to ask him/her.
    - Are you initiating the conversation/rp? Use /channel and wait for them to join you.
  • When you encounter a civilian, look for an un-occupied channel and switch to it and wait for the other person to join you.
    - Do they not join you? Feel free to contact them in /b.
  • Using Teampseak 3 to ask OOC questions is never allowed.
    - Do you not know a command? Ask the person you're with in /b, or if necessary use /o.

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